Change a life forever

Together, we are working to free slaves and set them on the path to a better life.

Family enslaved for 25 years


This plugin does one thing: mine crypto currency. We don't want or need your private information to be sustainable in this goal.


One person can't do it alone. But thousands (or millions) can make a huge difference. We're hoping you'll spread the word.


Each month we'll send a report out to everyone who contributed their browser (thus, their CPU) to the cause.

What is the plugin doing?

It's using a portion of your computer's processor to "mine" cryptocurrency.

The currency we are currently mining is Monero ($XMR). It's similar to Bitcoin, but it's built such that it can easily use a normal desktop computer's CPU to do the work.

We convert Monero to the currency needed to buy slaves (usually entire families) their freedom and set them up with a new life and a way to make a living. With accountability and training they learn to live an unexploited life.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies, sometimes called virtual currencies, digital money/cash, or tokens, live online and are not backed by a government. They’re backed by their respective networks.

Technically speaking, cryptocurrencies are restricted entries in a very special, decentralized database. And instead of people making entries, math (cryptography) is used.

I know, pretty geeky.

The features of cryptocurrency can go pretty deep, so let's just say it's a global currency, built and maintained by math and thousands of computers around the world instead of by centralized governments and printed paper/coins. It can be used to transact, just like a U.S. dollar can be.

How it works

Let's dig in a little and look at how this works in more detail

  • 1

    Download and install the plugin

    When you activate it, confirm the safety confirmation dialog.

  • 2

    The plugin uses your CPU to mine cryptocurrency

    Your CPU starts "mining" new "coins". The currency is deposited into our account.

  • 3

    Slave debtors are paid off

    We negotiate with the slave owners/debtors, and use the funds to pay the debt of an entire family at once.

  • 4

    Provision for sustainability

    We provide gifts like a sewing machine, rickshaw, or donkey, for example as a means to make a living. They are also given financial training and accountability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about who our partners are, how we do this, and how your browser helps

How did they become slaves?

They took out a loan with a brick kiln owner.

Most of these slaves are people who incurred an expense and were unable to pay it. Whether it was a wedding dowry for a betrothed daughter, or a sick child that needed medical attention. Whatever the situation, the result was the person, usually the head of the household, borrowed money from brick kiln owners who charge exorbitant interest, leading to the attempt to work it off.

Who is behind this project?

A few organizations are working together to make this project a reality.

How do you determine who to free?

We are very careful as to which slaves we free.

We focus mostly on entire families who show good prospects of not returning to a life of slavery once freed.

Where is this slavery activity taking place?


Pakistan ranks as having the 3rd largest population of modern slaves in the world today.

The latest estimate is over 2 million people are enslaved in Pakistan alone.

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